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My name is Etienne Gelinas, I am a father, an artist, a manager, an entrepreneur, passionate about science, technology and finance, and I'm also an avid traveller that as travelled the world on two wheels since my childhood. I spent my entire teenage hood reenacting the famous race Paris to Dakar in my Northern Quebec village, Maniwaki. 

Riding has always been a very big part of my life. Last year I had a pretty shaking experience, I had a spine injury that lead me to spend months in a bed. Losing my mobility has been a very frightening experience especially during the first few months where I wasn't even sure that my injury was operable. So in order to keep my mood and my mental health I made a promise to myself. 

This promise gave me all the strength I needed to hang in there : "If I was beating this, I was doing the Dakar Rally. Yes, the mother of all race." 

A promise is a promise, I'm now back on my feet and stronger than ever, so I put together a team of wonderful individuals to help me get everything needed to get to Saudi Arabia for January 2024.

During the next year and a half, the roadmap to make this possible will include a constant physical training, psychological training and, of course, technical training. And in order to qualify for the longest and hardest race in the world, I will need to take part in many regional and national events on the course of the next few months, as well as few international events. 

These events will include the Sonora Rally, and the well-known and famous race the Baja 1000, which will open the door to compete with the best of the best in Saoudi Arabia in January 2024.

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Etienne Gelinas

Born in Maniwaki (Québec), Etienne Gélinas pursued college education in “visual and media arts” at the Collège de l’Outaouais in Gatineau, followed by a Bachelor’s degree in art and design (BA) from École Multidisciplinaire de l’Image in 2006, and later graduated with a master’s degree in project management (MPM) from the UQO in 2012, and also a Master in visual art (MA) with distinction from the UQO in 2015. He has staged numerous solo exhibitions, and have an extended experience in business administration, digital transition management.

Etienne is a motorcycle passionate since his childhood. He has travelled the world on two wheels all is life. He is now participating to every mtorocycle event he can (local and international). He is training, mentally, physically, and psychologically in order to prepare for extreme endurance events.

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The main purpose of this website is to provide a platform to build a follower base and to offer a quality content to those who are interested in the global process of getting prepared for such big events. I will post here many videos, tutorials, blog posts, articles, re-shared information, and I will also distribute products that we consider race grade level. 

Hopefully, all of this will generate enough funds to support my participation in does events around the world. Over the next year and a half on top of preparing, training and creating content, I will actively seek other sources of financing.

Sponsorship will obviously be my main focus while I will also solicit my network in a crowd-sourcing fundraising, sales special series of art work created specifically for this. 


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