Dakar 2024 10$

Dakar 2024 10$

$ 10.00 CAD
1 time donation

The proposed budget includes expenses for registration fees, travel expenses, team accommodation, replacement parts, mechanical support, production of a film on the overall process and the race.

Each donation is accompanied by an invoice for advertising services for tax purposes and acknowledgments on my websites and social networks.

$ 500 to $ 999: Your logo in the thank you page at the end of the television content produced.

From $ 1000: Your logo in the special thanks at the start and end of the video.

Contribution of $ 10,000 or more: Mention among the main contributors. Include a film beginning with the Support mention (at the beginning and at the end). Visible on the bike, and on the jersey for the 8000km race in January 2023. Your logo will also be on the race team stickers. Acknowledgments in the media during interviews or article appearances. Your name and logo on all posters, t-shirts and other promotional items that will be sold online and at races.

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