Sonora Rally 2023 Sponsoring

Sonora Rally 2023 Sponsoring

$ 250.00 CAD
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Needs for Sonora Rally 2023

A large part of the costs are already covered by current sponsors (see next page for details). Keeping in mind that the participation in the Sonora Rally 2023 is a world rally-raid championship and qualifying stage for the Dakar, the following remaining expenses are as follows:

  • Plane tickets 980$ 
  • Registration to Sonora Rally Category Pro Moto National (including insurances) 4300$
  • Support, Lodging, other fees 2600$
  • Lodging before and after the race 450$

Total Needed : 8330$ 

Raised so far 2000$ and 6330$ to Go (will be updated daily)

Thank you to the generous sponsors who already support me

A large portion of the costs for the Sonora Rally 2023 are already covered by current sponsors. This includes: race bike, preparation of the bike to meet FIM requirements, spare parts, spare tires and wheels, support vehicles, tools, fuel, protective equipment, access to  the bivouac, all nutritional or hydration needs, satellite communication equipment…

Return on investments to the sponsors

The contributors who support me for the Sonora Rally 2023 help me achieve my dream, which is to complete the toughest endurance event in motorsport: the Dakar.

Each donation is accompanied by an advertising service invoice for tax purposes.

A  mention of thanks on my websites and social networks.

Logos in videos published on YouTube (at the beginning and at the end).

Visible logos on my motorcycle and on my jersey.

Thanks in the media during interviews.

Mention on all social media posts.

A media kit will be provided after the event (photos, videos, summary of results).

All amounts are welcome and appreciated.

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